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Our aim at Knightsgrove Meats is to produce a superior quality meat in as natural a manner as possible.

Meat Produce

We grow slow: Ensuring the very best Quality & Flavor to our meat. Our cattle are slowly produced and feed on a natural diet of grass in the summer and our own home grown hay in the winter. Our aim is to finish our cattle at 36 months.

Our beef is then hung for a minimum of 21 days in our fidges to ensure the fullest of flavours and tenderness.

Any meat we don't produce ourselves we source only from the local area.

Super Special Sausages...

We also have several traditional breeds of pig on the farm, including Gloucester Old Spots, Saddlebacks, Oxford Sandy and Blacks, Tamworths and Middle Whites.

All of our pigs are all out door reared. We feed them on locally grown potatoes and our neighbouring farmer's barley.



Deli Counter

We are developing our own Deli Counter and as well as our own home produced products we also sell other local produce like Cooked Ham, Pork Pies and Free Range Eggs.



Local Farm Produce