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Knightsgrove at The Jinney Ring!

Exciting times for Knightsgrove Meats. We have been fortunate enough to secure a small retail unit at The Jinney Ring Craft Centre in Hanbury.

We have had a tough summer in the High Street in Droitwich, with the continuing street closure to traffic, so we decided to have a go at opening a small satellite shop to help us with building trade for our fabulous produce.

We are lucky being a family run firm that we can call on Mum to come in and run the new shop. She has had a fantastic start having been open 3 weeks now and very much has her thinking hat on towards Christmas! 

Deli Counter Update

You can get our lovely Scotch Eggs at our Deli counter: Wednesday - Saturday… If you’re early enough they might still be warm!

Quality Sausages FAST!

Quality Sausages FAST!

Faster, Andrew faster :-)

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